Fibromyalgia Pain Management

Did you know people with Fibromyalgia experience physical changes to the nervous system (including the brain)?

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These changes can occur as a result of illness, accident or stress and result in increased sensitivity of the nervous system, meaning that “normal” everyday activities can result in pain.

For example, many people with Fibromyalgia describe people brushing past them in the street as painful. You can think of it as a sensitive car alarm which although designed to go off when there is a large impact, now goes off when someone brushes past the car. The alarm is very real but the trigger is different. This is positive, as this means your body is very good at protecting you. However, it is over protective. Also, the pain you feel is rarely related to damage, this means that movement will not harm you if done in a supported and progressed way.

Here at FibroFirst Physiotherapy we can work with you to reduce the sensitivity of the alarm system with education, movement, relaxation and sleep management.

We can also discuss the effectiveness of any current pain medication that you have been prescribed by your GP.

If you are unsure whether our Fibromyalgia Pain Management Physiotherapy is the right option, or you would just like to speak to somebody before you consider booking an appointment please contact us by email on