Fibromyalgia Activity Pacing

Activity pacing is a technique which refers to breaking down tasks and often stopping before you need/ want to.

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When someone doesn’t pace, they might:

  • Do everything that needs to be done in one go
  • Have long periods of rest
  • Do tasks only when they feel up to it 

Why is it important to pace?

  • Pacing may prevent a flare up
  • May reduce the severity and duration of a flare up
  • Reduce the need for medication 
  • Reduce physical deconditioning
  • Improve mood 

The goal of pacing is to have maintain a consistent level of energy levels throughout each day. 

How can I pace?

  • Break tasks into smaller tasks
  • Plan your week ahead
  • On days where you have appointments or other commitments, try to not to plan much else on these days
  • Take regular breaks 
  • Slowly increase the amount you do over a period of time
  • Complete an activity diary

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