It’s official, summer is upon us and with most covid restrictions lifted many of us are planning sun soaked holidays abroad.

For many, this will include being active and spending time with family and friends. For someone with a Fibromyalgia diagnosis, it is possible that this can fill you with dread as opposed to excitement as such change in routine can often lead to a flare, including increased pain and fatigue.

At FibroFirst Physiotherapy, we believe that having Fibromyalgia shouldn’t take away the fun of going on holiday or taking part in action packed activities.

Here are our top tips to help keep your symptoms under control whilst you’re away:

  1. Sleep - try and keep on track with your usual bedtime/ wake up time. Lack of sleep with increase fatigue which will subsequently increase pain. Schedule naps in the afternoon is needed. 
  2. Pace - As tempting as it may be to have jam packed days, this is likely to have a knock on effect the next day, leading to an unhealthy “boom and bust” pattern. 
  3. Boundaries - don’t be afraid to say “no”, you know what your body needs. Never feel guilty for protecting your own physical and mental wellbeing.
  4. Exercise - Try not to undo your hard work with regards to exercise, even if this is a few stretches in your hotel room or a couple or laps of the pool. Being active is as important as rest when it comes to managing your Fibromyalgia symptoms.