Ever felt that no matter how much you sleep you just never feel fully rested?

Evidence shows that those who suffer from pain have reduced quality of sleep and what’s worse is that you often end up in a catch 22 cycle - the pain prevents sleep and poor quality sleep or no sleep increases pain.

Whilst we cannot control the ability to have a good nights sleep, there are things that you can do to ensure you are setting yourself up with the right environment for sleep:

  1. Ensure the correct temperature in your room - not too hot and not too cold 
  2. Aim for the room to be as dark as possible, blackout blinds and curtains can help with this.
  3. Avoid “blue light” from phones, tablets, computers and televisions for an hour before bed.
  4. Use adjuncts such as essential oils, mindfulness, etc to help you relax. 
  5. Ensure your room is tidy and decluttered, your bedroom should be your sanctuary 
  6. Finally, do not be afraid to seek medication from your GP that can help with sleep.